Graphics & Multimedia

Business needs are growing in a rich multidisciplinary manner in which we, the ATS team make a huge score at graphics design. Imagination and creativity is essentially needed to keep up the branding of the company’s identity. We at TechCmantix realise the significance of creativity, imagination and innovations in graphics design and deliver it in a reliable way.

Our Graphic Designing Includes

  • Web Development
  • Your website is the calling card for people over internet, it is the most significant promotional tool to succeed in prospective purchasers and target audiences. Obtaining an efficient website with a dynamic effects and appearance will prove helpful for any organization.

  • Logo Design
  • First impression in any business depends on the instant visual of the brand logo. The standard of the corporate is ranked on the immediate site of its branding logo. Hence logo design is a very critical area which requires extensive efforts to create a delicate icon for your business.

  • Brochures Designing
  • There are several proven strategies to attract the targeted audience into any business concern. One such effective solution is the brochure design. Brochures are the most affordable yet simple and potential means of communication to the pin pointed customers.

  • Responsive HTML 5 Designs
  • These days Websites are not only for computers”Recently websites are equally visited by a series of portable devices. This made the crucial requirements over the issues like compatibility of such websites in handheld instruments like tablets, mobile phones, phablets etc. The Responsive & HTML5 Web Designing came to the rescue. This technique is far better than the initial idea of maintaining separate web sites for mobile access that demanded separate URL redirections for different devices.


  • We quickly saw the benefits of Idea Drop as teams throughout the business began collaborating, communicating and sharing ideas in ways we hadn't seen before with our existing tech stack. Idea Drop's fresh interface and intuitive social features made it quick to onboard our teams and we now rely on it to capture, enrich and action new ideas across the business on an ongoing basis.

    KAMAL -
  • Idea Drop is intuitive, removes hierarchical barriers, and makes it faster to get help and support across the business. We’ll continue to deploy it globally over a larger number of colleagues. It’s a good fit for Lear and does exactly what we need it to do.

    Kasi viswanath -
  • We deployed Idea Drop in 2015 across areas of our school. Now we rely on it to capture and collaborate on new ideas across the school on an ongoing basis. I can only imagine this software going from strength to strength as we continue to use it and it embeds fully in our way of life here at the school

    Srihari -