Mobile Apps Developmet

iPhone is one of the most popular mobile device among the consumers all over the world. It’s in a huge demand for the iPhone.

Andoid App Dvelopment

ATS is renowned Android app development company offering professional android app development services

we are using the SDK for Windows mobile app development for catch fast track moving world.

Bug Free App Development

Having worked with mobile and desktop applications for a number of years we understand the inherent challenges when designing apps for multiple screen sizes and we go the extra mile to make sure all our designs are flexible and adaptable when it comes to technical implementation.

With Latest Android Versions

We equally love the challenge of working on existing products, reviewing and finding the bottlenecks in the existing workflows, improving the overall User Experience of the app and finding those small tweaks that will take user engagement to the next level.

Our Promise

  • Custom Controls
  • New user interface element as a native Cocoa control for your app.

  • Quick Load Time
  • A good way to monitor mobile application performance.

  • Web Services
  • Mobile applications with new or existing web services

    iPad App Development

    We look forward to partnering with our clients to leverage the appeal of this device, and to have iPad applications available on the App Store soon.


  • We quickly saw the benefits of Idea Drop as teams throughout the business began collaborating, communicating and sharing ideas in ways we hadn't seen before with our existing tech stack. Idea Drop's fresh interface and intuitive social features made it quick to onboard our teams and we now rely on it to capture, enrich and action new ideas across the business on an ongoing basis.

    KAMAL -
  • Idea Drop is intuitive, removes hierarchical barriers, and makes it faster to get help and support across the business. We’ll continue to deploy it globally over a larger number of colleagues. It’s a good fit for Lear and does exactly what we need it to do.

    Kasi viswanath -
  • We deployed Idea Drop in 2015 across areas of our school. Now we rely on it to capture and collaborate on new ideas across the school on an ongoing basis. I can only imagine this software going from strength to strength as we continue to use it and it embeds fully in our way of life here at the school

    Srihari -